Pitts Releases New Jobs Memo

Jul 11, 2014 Issues: Jobs and Employment

Congressman Joe Pitts (PA-16) today released a new memo to constituents on creating jobs and increasing economic growth. The memo details ways the Congressman has been working to create local jobs, bills passed by the House waiting for Senate consideration and proposals he believes would reinvigorate the economy.

“My top priority is finding ways that Congress can support the creation of jobs and increased wages for workers,” said Pitts. “Nothing is more important to me than seeing more Americans working and families having more income to spend and save. My new memo details concrete ways I’ve been working toward this goal and the big things I believe we should do to spark economic growth.

“I’ve been working hard across party lines to protect and create American jobs in medical fields, the food industry, and energy sectors. The President has signed some of the bills I’ve worked on. There is a political divide in Washington, but that hasn’t kept me from reaching across the aisle. We have to put the economic health of our country before party politics.”

Pitts’ memo is available at pitts.house.gov/jobs.